This is my second drawing in my series, ‘Elements of Nature’. I used natural objects, but also man-made items made from natural material like wood and clay. Each man-made object I have drawn for this series also has sentimental value to my family. This wooden trinket box was a gift from my Dad after his mission trip to India.

I always start a grey-lead drawing with a very light outline – making sure I put in the correct guidelines first before starting all the shading.

I then work my way usually from the centre out. Just seems to work best for me.

2013-11-08 14.26.01

I actually really love a drawing when it has only particulars in fine detail while the rest is still a line drawing. Adds a bit of character.

But I am never really satisfied unless I completely finish in detail the drawing. Typical me. I wanted to highlight the wood grain in the trinket box, so I made sure I drew every line and detail to achieve that.

I did this drawing over two days…at least it took less time than the log. As you can see, I messed up the shadow so once again I had to erase the majority of it and improvise my own shadow.

Worked rather well. I am happy with the way this second drawing came together for my ‘Elements of Nature’ series.


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