Latest works

Here are some artworks I have done recently:

A Part of Me
A Part of Me

I created this piece as an autobiography in images, rather than words. The title: “A Part of Me” says it all.

The hand is drawn using graphite, and the paint splotches is gauche.

(The official image won’t be up for a few weeks.)

Here is another artwork:

European Robin
European Robin

This drawing I did with soft pastel. It is the first bird I have ever drawn, so I was really pleasantly surprised with how well it turned out.

(The official image of this artwork also will not be up for a few weeks.)

And finally, a sketch I did a couple of days ago:

This was simply done with greylead pencils.

Here’s a couple more incredibly talented artists:

Thought I should make reference to these two artists because their works are incredible and so unique as well:

Here is the first artist: Lorraine Loots

“Incredible Miniature Paintings Of Galaxies, Animals And Books By Lorraine Loots”


and here’s the second artist: Megan Maconochie

“I create pencil shaving art for my 365-day project”


Sand Animation

Here’s the link to a video my sister showed me of sand painting and animation. This lady is incredible!

Kseniya Simonova – Sand Animation (Україна має талант / Ukraine’s Got Talent)
Here is another video of her work I found:

And finally, the last drawing for the ‘Elements of Nature’ series. The little teapot was my Grandmother’s and is made from porcelain.

Because I was trying to draw a variety of nature I used grass and the grass seeds or grains in this drawing for the man-made and natural combination. The drawing took about three hours.

This is the completed fifth drawing for my series. It’s not the greatest photo, unfortunately. I took it with my phone. I will take the proper photo with my camera later on.

It is now a complete series.

Here are the five drawings together as a series:

The drawings will be hung on a white wall to present for the exhibition…(not on a blue blanket 😉

Here is the fourth drawing in my ‘Elements of Nature’ series. I chose to use all native plants for the series, and this one emphasises that. Once again I completed this drawing very fast so I only have two images to show. One halfway through and the other the finished drawing.

This drawing includes gum leaves, gum nuts and flowers from a flowering gumtree.

And here is the final, finished drawing. It took two and a half hours to complete. I used to hate working with pencils because of the very fine tips – I found them time consuming and frustrating. But now I am starting to really enjoy drawing with  grey-lead (in monotone), rather than coloured pencils. If I had done this series in colour it would have taken me three times as long.

I am really happy with the way this drawing turned out. I think this is my favourite of the series.

This is the third drawing in my ‘Elements of Nature’ series. Because I completed this one so fast I forgot to take any documentation photos, so all I have is the final image.

The little teacup is made from clay and was a gift to my Mum when she was a little girl from the elderly Mrs Davies who was a much loved neighbour at the time. The native seed pod is the natural connection for this drawing. Out of the series, this is the smallest piece.