Sand Animation

Here’s the link to a video my sister showed me of sand painting and animation. This lady is incredible!

Kseniya Simonova – Sand Animation (Україна має талант / Ukraine’s Got Talent)
Here is another video of her work I found:

And finally, the last drawing for the ‘Elements of Nature’ series. The little teapot was my Grandmother’s and is made from porcelain.

Because I was trying to draw a variety of nature I used grass and the grass seeds or grains in this drawing for the man-made and natural combination. The drawing took about three hours.

This is the completed fifth drawing for my series. It’s not the greatest photo, unfortunately. I took it with my phone. I will take the proper photo with my camera later on.

It is now a complete series.

Here are the five drawings together as a series:

The drawings will be hung on a white wall to present for the exhibition…(not on a blue blanket 😉

Here is the fourth drawing in my ‘Elements of Nature’ series. I chose to use all native plants for the series, and this one emphasises that. Once again I completed this drawing very fast so I only have two images to show. One halfway through and the other the finished drawing.

This drawing includes gum leaves, gum nuts and flowers from a flowering gumtree.

And here is the final, finished drawing. It took two and a half hours to complete. I used to hate working with pencils because of the very fine tips – I found them time consuming and frustrating. But now I am starting to really enjoy drawing with  grey-lead (in monotone), rather than coloured pencils. If I had done this series in colour it would have taken me three times as long.

I am really happy with the way this drawing turned out. I think this is my favourite of the series.

This is the third drawing in my ‘Elements of Nature’ series. Because I completed this one so fast I forgot to take any documentation photos, so all I have is the final image.

The little teacup is made from clay and was a gift to my Mum when she was a little girl from the elderly Mrs Davies who was a much loved neighbour at the time. The native seed pod is the natural connection for this drawing. Out of the series, this is the smallest piece.

This is my second drawing in my series, ‘Elements of Nature’. I used natural objects, but also man-made items made from natural material like wood and clay. Each man-made object I have drawn for this series also has sentimental value to my family. This wooden trinket box was a gift from my Dad after his mission trip to India.

I always start a grey-lead drawing with a very light outline – making sure I put in the correct guidelines first before starting all the shading.

I then work my way usually from the centre out. Just seems to work best for me.

2013-11-08 14.26.01

I actually really love a drawing when it has only particulars in fine detail while the rest is still a line drawing. Adds a bit of character.

But I am never really satisfied unless I completely finish in detail the drawing. Typical me. I wanted to highlight the wood grain in the trinket box, so I made sure I drew every line and detail to achieve that.

I did this drawing over two days…at least it took less time than the log. As you can see, I messed up the shadow so once again I had to erase the majority of it and improvise my own shadow.

Worked rather well. I am happy with the way this second drawing came together for my ‘Elements of Nature’ series.


This was the first drawing I completed for the final term.

The series is called: “Elements of Nature”

I found this branch down by the creek near where I live. Thought it would be an interesting subject for me to draw. I just didn’t realised it would take me four days to complete it because of the detail involved in drawing this one.

I got fed up with the wooden puzzle going on in the centre, so I decided to go from the other side and work my way in. Feel’s like you’ve done more that way 😉

I just gradually made my way in tiny piece of detail at a time. I wanted to prove to myself that I could draw something like this which is why I chose it.

I was really happy with the way it turned out. Looked like you could just reach into the paper and pick the log up. But at this stage the only flaw was it looked like it was floating in mid air…or mid paper, depending on how you look at it. It needed shadows to ground it, which I messed up rather badly but by erasing the majority of the ridiculously, overly dark shadow I finally had the correct amount of light and dark to balance the image.

Unfortunately, it’s not the best final photo because I took the image using my phone. I will take a proper one for documentation with my camera later on. The drawing has been put onto thick, black mounting board to give it support and protection, and make it far easier to exhibit because I didn’t want it pinned or stuck to the wall.