Latest works

Here are some artworks I have done recently:

A Part of Me
A Part of Me

I created this piece as an autobiography in images, rather than words. The title: “A Part of Me” says it all.

The hand is drawn using graphite, and the paint splotches is gauche.

(The official image won’t be up for a few weeks.)

Here is another artwork:

European Robin
European Robin

This drawing I did with soft pastel. It is the first bird I have ever drawn, so I was really pleasantly surprised with how well it turned out.

(The official image of this artwork also will not be up for a few weeks.)

And finally, a sketch I did a couple of days ago:

This was simply done with greylead pencils.

This was the first drawing I completed for the final term.

The series is called: “Elements of Nature”

I found this branch down by the creek near where I live. Thought it would be an interesting subject for me to draw. I just didn’t realised it would take me four days to complete it because of the detail involved in drawing this one.

I got fed up with the wooden puzzle going on in the centre, so I decided to go from the other side and work my way in. Feel’s like you’ve done more that way 😉

I just gradually made my way in tiny piece of detail at a time. I wanted to prove to myself that I could draw something like this which is why I chose it.

I was really happy with the way it turned out. Looked like you could just reach into the paper and pick the log up. But at this stage the only flaw was it looked like it was floating in mid air…or mid paper, depending on how you look at it. It needed shadows to ground it, which I messed up rather badly but by erasing the majority of the ridiculously, overly dark shadow I finally had the correct amount of light and dark to balance the image.

Unfortunately, it’s not the best final photo because I took the image using my phone. I will take a proper one for documentation with my camera later on. The drawing has been put onto thick, black mounting board to give it support and protection, and make it far easier to exhibit because I didn’t want it pinned or stuck to the wall.

“Spring” – Sanctuary Series

This is my second painting that I have completed for my series: Sanctuary.

I documented my painting throughout the couple of weeks it took to complete.

#1 #2 #3

I started the painting in a hurry…not a great way to set out an image, which meant I placed everything wrong. So I had to go backwards and erase all that I had originally painted. It took three coats of grey to get rid of the dark colours underneath. Each layer I painted lighter and lighter to get a decent background for the sky. When I restarted the painting, I made sure I was standing at my easel, instead of sitting down painting, because my perspective seems to get warped when I sit. As you can see, there is a big difference between the two starts. I took my time setting everything out this time too.

#4 #5 #6

My technique when completing a painting is all about layers. I am constantly building up the image, whether it is grass or the foliage in the background or bark on the trees. Each part of the painting has numerous layers by the time I finish. The most obvious build up in my photos is the grass in the foreground.

#7 #8 #9

One main thing I have learnt when painting landscapes is the art of addition and subtraction. Add something in; take something else out. As you can tell by my photos I was very particular with the background foliage, because I was trying to create the depth that was in the photo I was using to paint from. The method I used worked really well to achieve that in this painting.

#10 #11 #12 #13

This is the final, finished painting “Spring”. Unfortunately, this photo has some light glare on the left hand side so it doesn’t show the darker areas on that side, but it gives a pretty good idea of what my completed piece looks like.