The 39 funniest animal photobombs of all time

Here’s one to make you laugh…

The 39 funniest animal photobombs of all time, the #9 killed me…LOL!

Sand Animation

Here’s the link to a video my sister showed me of sand painting and animation. This lady is incredible!

Kseniya Simonova – Sand Animation (Україна має талант / Ukraine’s Got Talent)
Here is another video of her work I found:

Redesign My Brain

This TV mini series on ABC is incredibly fascinating. It is all about exercises to increase memory capacity, improve eyesight and peripheral vision and expand your creativity. Those are just a few of the subjects this series covered. Episode two is all about creativity. Here’s what it covers:

Make Me Creative

Series 1 | Episode 2

Rated PG Documentary/Factual 57 mins CC
  • ABC1Thursday, 17 Oct 8:30pm

See TV personality Todd Sampson put brain training to the test in Make Me Creative, as he trains his brain to be more creative, innovative and to think more laterally, before attempting a creative art challenge.

Episode image PGDocumentary/Factual57 minsCC

  • ABC1Thursday, 17 Oct 8:30pm